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Amir Timur: The Undefeated General of Evony

is a legendary figure in history, known for his unmatched military prowess and the founding of the Timurid Empire. In , he is a General who can lead troops to gather and increase troop load. This article will provide an overview of Amir Timur, his special skill, and specialty attributes, as well as how to obtain him in Evony.

The Story of Amir Timur

Evony Epic Historic General Amir Timur
Evony Amir Timur

As the first ruler of the Timurid dynasty, Amir Timur established himself as a dominant force in Persia and Central Asia. In 1402, he invaded Anatolia and defeated Bayezid in the Battle of Ankara, where he captured Bayezid and left Western Anatolia in ruins.

The Special Skill of Amir Timur

King of Destruction – Increases Troop Load by 100% when the General is leading the army.
As an Awakened General, the star of Amir Timur's Special Skill will be increased with his . Each star of Special Skill has its own attribute, and the details will be shown in the following picture.

The Specialty (Max Level Attributes) of Amir Timur

  • Ground Troop Assault – Ground Troop and +10%
  • Jungle – Gathering Speed +10%
  • King's Ambition – Troop death into troop soul rate in the main city +10%
  • Battle of the Terek River – All Troops Load +50%, March Speed +26%
The Specialty of Amir Timur
The Specialty of Amir Timur

The way to get Amir Timur

No.1 Recruit from

You can recruit Amir Timur from Tavern. In order to refresh to get Amir Timur quickly, it is noted that if you want to increase the chance of refreshing Epic Historic Generals, you need to increase the level of the Tavern. And currently, level 35 of Tavern will basically reach the maximum probability.

No.2 Redeem from General Portrait Exhibition

Participating in the General Portrait Exhibition Event, you will have a chance to get Amir Timur by redeeming the first item “Epic Historic General (Common)” and the second item “General Hall Ⅰ Historic General”.

No.3 Redeem from King's Scheme

Participating in the King's Scheme Event, you will also have a chance to get Amir Timur by redeeming the first item “Epic Historic General (Common)”.
In conclusion, Amir Timur is a highly valued General in Evony due to his exceptional special skill and specialty attributes. By recruiting him from the Tavern, participating in events, or redeeming items, players can add this undefeated commander to their arsenal and increase their chances of victory.
Sernario Leftley

Sernario Leftley

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