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Denmark King Harald’s Impressive Military and Siege Abilities in Evony

As a fellow player, let me tell you about one of the most powerful generals in the game – . He was the king of Denmark who led the Viking era to its peak. His contributions to the country's economy, military, and the development of Christianity are significant. Keep reading to learn more about Harald's Special Skill, Max Level Attributes, and how to recruit this powerful general.

Harald Bluetooth: The Viking King Who Founded Denmark

Evony Epic Historic General – Harald
Evony – Harald

Over a thousand years ago, Harald Bluetooth placed two Christian stone tablets at the entrance of the church in Jelling town. This marked the end of the Viking era and the beginning of the Kingdom of Denmark in world history. Before Harald, the Normans had been active in Europe for centuries, but they had never been able to establish themselves as the rulers of the land. Harald, however, conquered the territory in the Denmark fortification, established the Kingdom of Denmark, and even conquered Norway. He played a crucial role in replacing Odin with Christianity, thus bringing an end to the Viking era.

Harald's exceptional military and political abilities helped establish the Nordic situation that lasted for a thousand years. The Normans were fortunate to have Harald Bluetooth, who enabled them to overcome the historical dilemmas that had previously hindered their national development. With Harald's leadership, Northern Europe set sail towards and civilization.

Harald's Unique Special Skill

Harald, the Denmark King, possesses a powerful Special Skill named “,” which has two effects: it reduces the enemy troops' and by 10% when he leads the army. As an Awakened General, Harald's Special Skill can be further enhanced by him, increasing the star level of his ability. With each star level, the Special Skill gains additional attributes, which are displayed in a detailed image provided below.

Harald's Special Skill
Harald's Special Skill

Harald Specialty (Max Level Attributes)

Harald's Specialty
  1. Assault – Increases Siege Machine Attack by 10% and Siege Machine HP by 10%.
  2. – Decreases Enemy Troop by 10%.
  3. King's Ambition – Increases Troop death into troop soul rate in the main city by 10%.
  4. Harald Bluetooth – Increases the chance of Enemy Wounded turning into Death when attacking by 10%, and decreases Enemy Troop Defense by 10%.

Recruit Denmark King Harald

To recruit Denmark King Harald, you can use Gold to hire him in Traven. To increase your chances of getting Epic Historic Generals like Harald, it's best to upgrade the level of Traven.

So there you have it – everything you need to know about Denmark King Harald in Evony. With his impressive skills and attributes, he is definitely a valuable addition to any army.

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