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Elevate Your Siege Machine with John Churchill in Evony

, an English soldier and statesman, is known for his victories that consolidated Britain's emergence as a leading power. In Evony, he is an who can provide significant benefits to the . In this article, we will delve into John Churchill's story, special skill, specialty, and how to obtain this great general.

Evony Epic Historic General John Churchill
Evony Epic Historic General John Churchill

John Churchill's Story

In 1704, Marshal John Churchill led the British dragoons across the Nebel River, where he devised a brilliant plan to launch a surprise attack on the French command despite their strong defenses. Using his command and tactical talent, Churchill utilized cavalry formations to penetrate deep into the enemy formation and launched a fierce attack on the main French army under the cover of artillery. Despite the battle dragging on until late at night, the Allied forces emerged victorious, capturing the French commander and shattering the myth of French invincibility. This battle went down in history as one of the greatest victories of British arms, securing John Churchill's place as one of Europe's greatest generals.

John Churchill's Special Skill

As the Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill's special skill increases the Siege Machine Attack by 30% while leading the army to attack. He also increases the by 12% while leading the army to launch . With John Churchill's , his special skill is further upgraded with five additional levels, offering bonuses such as Marching and Siege Machine HP, Enemy In-city Troop rate, Marching Ranged Troop & Siege Machine Attack and HP, Marching Siege Machine Attack and , and more.

John Churchill's Specialty

John Churchill's specialty lies in Siege Machine Assault, where Siege Machine Attack and HP are increased by 10%. He is also skilled in Siege, where Capacity is increased by 6%, and Attacking Siege Machine and Ranged Troop Attack are increased by 10%. Additionally, his expertise in Siege Machine Ares provides a 10% increase in Siege Machine Attack, HP, and Defense, while his Battle of Blenheim specialty increases Marching Siege Machine Attack and Defense by 30%, Rally Capacity by 8%, and Marching Siege Machine Defense by 15%.

How to Get John Churchill

There are two ways to get John Churchill in Evony. Firstly, he is released during the Women's Day Event and is added to the Token of Epic Historic General (Premium). Players can get the Token from Event Packages, Champion Loyalty level rewards, VIP Premium Packages, and Valuable Events. Secondly, players can obtain John Churchill by consuming Epic Historic General (Glory) to summon an Epic Historic General at the Event. There is a higher chance of getting John Churchill during Evony's Women's Day Event, and he is guaranteed within six times summoning. The Epic Historic General (Glory) can be obtained from the 5th-tier Event .

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