Everything You Need to Know About Evony’s Journey to Glory Event

, the popular strategy game, launched the Event in December 2022 during their third round of the Collaboration Event. This event gives players the chance to earn and up to 2,400 .

Evony Journey to Glory Event

The Knight's Vow contain random Generals, such as , , , , , , , and . To participate in the Journey to Glory event, players can use to win , which are divided into 8 common categories and 4 limited categories.

To obtain Knight Coins, players can collect them from , , and . However, it is important to note that there is a daily limit on the number of Knight Coins that can be earned from Monsters and Resource Spots. Therefore, players may also purchase Journey to Glory packages on the Super Value Event page to obtain a large selection of items, including Blood of Ares and Knight's Vow General Chests.

It is recommended that players seize this opportunity to obtain as much Blood of Ares as possible, as it is a valuable resource in the game. By collecting all 4 limited rewards, players will receive the remaining rewards automatically.

Overall, the Journey to Glory event is a great opportunity for players to earn valuable rewards and improve their gameplay experience in Evony.

Sernario Leftley

Sernario Leftley

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