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Evony: The Rise of a Mid-core Game Champion in the US Market

According to data from, is one of the top consumer-spending mid-core games among US-based companies. The CEO of Evony, (Yaoqi Guo), has disclosed impressive achievements in terms of downloads and revenue. In the previous year, Evony had a total of 62 million downloads, and its annual revenue exceeded $220 million. As a strategy game, Evony has achieved great success, gaining popularity among players and recognition within the industry. David Guo is the co-founder and CEO of and plays a vital role in overseeing all the essential departments of the company. With over a decade of experience in the gaming industry, he leads the game development team, which has produced the successful game, Evony.

Game map
Game map

David Guo's Passion for Gaming

David Guo prioritizes user satisfaction and strives to enhance the through his work. He believes in paying attention to even the smallest details and executing tasks with efficiency in the game development process. Yaoqi Guo started his professional journey by creating software for managing multimedia content. Over time, he shifted his focus towards developing firewalls for cybersecurity purposes. Currently, he is the CEO of Top Games Inc. and strongly advocates for providing exceptional gaming experiences to players. Guo believes that delivering high-quality gameplay and user experiences is crucial for the success of any gaming company.

Responsible Marketing Initiatives of the Evony Team

David Guo emphasizes the importance of prompt action in the gaming industry. He advises the team to quickly identify and implement solutions when faced with challenges. This proactive approach is essential for improving the overall quality of the gaming experience. The development team uses science to validate opinions and make decisions that positively affect customers. The team also uses responsible marketing initiatives to make its target market aware of what they have to offer.

Growing Importance of Mobile Gaming recently released its Q3 2022 Games index, providing insights into the state of the mobile game market. According to the report, gamers spent an average of $1.54 billion per week and downloaded over 1.1 billion games on mobile devices during the quarter. It is predicted that 60% of this revenue will come from , indicating the growing importance of this platform in the gaming industry.

David Guo, who foresaw the development of mobile games long ago, and the entire team at Evony games are fully focused on the mobile gaming market. In addition to Evony games, the company has launched six other exciting games, including Infinity Clan, Mafia Origin, Kings Legion, Plague of Z, Dream Journey Makeover, and of Glory. The team is constantly working to create new and innovative games that will captivate and engage players, further solidifying their position as a leader in the mobile gaming industry.

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