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Evony’s Historic General: Ashoka and his Special Skill Revealed

, the Great Indian Emperor of the , is a fascinating historical figure whose impact on Indian history is still felt today. Known for his military conquests and his philosophy of non-violence and righteous conduct, Ashoka was a visionary leader who brought peace and to his . In the world of , players can experience Ashoka's unique skills and abilities as a historic general during the Diwali Celebration event. So, let's delve into the life of Ashoka and his impact on both Indian history and the game of Evony.

Ashoka: The Great Indian Emperor of the Maurya Dynasty

Evony Historic General – Ashoka
Evony Historic General – Ashoka

In 269 BC, Ashoka became the emperor of the Maurya Dynasty, and under his rule, India saw a golden era of prosperity and peace. He expanded the empire's territory and conquered almost the entire Indian subcontinent. However, Ashoka's legacy is not just about his military conquests but also his philosophy of non-violence and righteous conduct, which he propagated through his edicts.

Ashoka's early years were marked by military campaigns to expand the Maurya dynasty's territory. But after witnessing the mass deaths in the Kalinga War, he was struck by the futility and senselessness of war. He repented violence and converted to Buddhism. He became an advocate for peace and propagated his philosophy of “dhamma” or righteous conduct. He erected rock edicts throughout his empire, inscribed with his message of peace and social justice.

Ashoka's benevolent government brought peace to his empire and ushered in an era of prosperity. He is considered to be one of India's greatest emperors. Ashoka was a visionary ruler who cared for his people's welfare and ensured that they lived in harmony and prosperity.

Ashoka in Evony

Ashoka's skills and attributes in Evony are truly impressive. As the Keep , his Special Skill called “” gives a 20% boost to ranged troops' and reduces enemy ground troops' by 15%. As an Awakened General, his Special Skill stars are further enhanced, with each star offering unique attributes that can significantly improve your gameplay. Check out the picture below for a detailed breakdown of Ashoka's skills and abilities.

Ashoka's Special Skill
Ashoka's Special Skill

Ashoka (Max Level Attributes)

  • Ranged Troop Formation –  Attack +10%, Ranged Troop +10%
  • – Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack +10%
  • Sage – (Applied to ) Construction Speed +10%
  • Maurya Dynasty – (Applied to Keep Officer) Ranged Troop Attack +20%, Construction Speed +10%

Ashoka's Specialty, when maxed out, enhances Ranged Troop Formation with +10% Ranged Troop Attack and Defense. Additionally, Bash increases Ranged Troop and Attack by 10%, Sage enhances Construction Speed by 10%, and Maurya Dynasty boosts Ranged Troop Attack by 20% and Construction Speed by 10%.

The Way to Get Ashoka

During the Diwali Celebration event from October 13th to October 24th, 2022, players have a chance to get Ashoka from the Promise of Diyas event by consuming Diwali Diyas. During the event, players can obtain up to 10 Diwali Diyas from and up to 20 Diwali Diyas from or Packages every day.

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