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From France to Your Army: Recruiting Paladin Roland in Evony

If you're an player who loves historic generals, you won't want to miss out on . He's the first paladin in history, renowned for his impeccable virtue and chivalry. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about Paladin Roland – from his backstory to his max level attributes and how to get him.

Roland rode into battle on his trusty steed Veillantif, wielding his sword Durandal and his Oliphant horn, fighting with all his strength to avenge the brave soldiers. He was a loyal Paladin under Charlemagne, who embodied the values of courage, loyalty, and faith. Even when faced with conspiracy, slander, enemies, and destruction, Roland remained steadfast in his commitment to his king and country.

Evony Epic Historic General – Roland
Evony – Roland

Sadly, Roland met his tragic end at Roncevaux Pass, where he fought to his death while providing cover for the French troops to evacuate. However, his legacy lived on and has become a symbol of chivalry, romance, and glory throughout Europe.

Now, let's talk about Paladin Roland's special skills and attributes.

Paladin Roland Special Skill:

The Special Skill of Roland
The Special Skill of Roland
  • Glory Knight: Increases ' by 30% and increases mounted troops' and by 15% when the General is leading the army to attack.
  • With General , the star of his Special Skill will also be increased.

General Specialty (Max Level Attributes):

  • Mounted Troop Formation: Mounted Troop Attack +10%, Mounted Troop Defense +10%
  • Annihilation: Capacity +6%, Attacking Mounted Troop and Ground Troop Attack +10%
  • Mounted Troop Ares: Mounted Troop Attack +10%, Mounted Troop HP +10%, Mounted Troop Defense +10%
  • Paladin: Mounted Troop Attack +25%, Enemy Attack -20%
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