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Go to obtain Historic City Kathmandu and rare Epic Historic Generals in Evony

is releasing the new Event and Limited Recruit Event round from March 10th to 12th. But you can still view your ranking in the Historic City Event and redeem corresponding on March 13th. These two events are worthwhile for us to gain an amazing famous Historic City and five rare Epic Historic Generals who can not be recruited in . Please keep reading for the details.
Kathmandu & Limited Recruit Amr in Evony
& Limited Recruit Amr in Evony

No.1 New Historic City

The new Historic City in this round of the Historic City Event is Kathmandu. We think the prototype of this Historic City, Kathmandu, is the capital of Nepal, which was historically called the “Nepal Mandala”.
While in Evony, Kathmandu becomes a famous historic to enhance our castles. The attributes of Kathmandu have a great benefit to the ground and . And it can also bring to enemies' troops.
The of the Historic City Kathmandu:
  1. Ground and Mounted Troop , , and +10%
  2. Marching Ground and Mounted Troop Attack +20%
  3. Enemy Ground and Mounted Troop Attack -10%
In order to gain this Historic City, we need to earn Valorous Medals by ranking a certain place in , reaching certain points in the , purchasing basic Gems, and ranking a certain place in the list of the event.
And then we receive Fragments according to our rankings of Valorous Medals, and use these fragments to redeem Historic City Key to acquire Kathmandu.

No.2 Limited Recruit

In this turn, there are Epic Historic Generals: , , Leo Ⅲ, , and at the Limited Recruit Event.
During the event, you can use one to recruit one time. The Recruitment Order can be bought from the Store and received from the Limited Recruitment Order . It should be noted that we can not purchase more than 10 orders in the Store per day, but we can get a great number of orders in the Package.
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