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How to acquire Historic City Tombouctou in Evony

can be the to bring a lot of benefits for the who owns it in Evony. The buffs of a Historic City may be -oriented, -oriented, attributes oriented, and so on. The stunning appearance and power of a Historic City are matched by the difficulty of obtaining it.
Currently, Evony has created a Historic City called in the game and opened its obtained time during the Historic City Event. And they changed the continents of the event a while ago. In this article, we will show the details of the Historic City of Tombouctou and the continents. The way to win the Tombouctou will also be listed in the end.
Historic City Tombouctou in Evony
Historic City Tombouctou in Evony

The buffs of Historic City Tombouctou:

The details of the new continents:

  • Lord of Domination: Server 2-Server 420
  • The peak of Glory: Server 421-Server 700
  • King of Conquest: Server 701-Server 950
  • Pride of God: Server 951-Server 1150
  • Brilliant Star: Server 1151+

How to gain Tombouctou:

We will be ranked according to our Valorous Medals each day. And earn Fragments based on our rankings. If we collect 30 Historic City Key Fragments, we can redeem the Historic City Key of Tombouctou. And we can redeem an and many other by consuming different amounts of Historic City Key Fragments.
The can be obtained in the following ways:
  1. Be the Conqueror in Server War.
  2. Place top 5 in Server War .
  3. Gain 1,200 scores or above in a single round of the .
  4. Reach a certain ranking in the Single Time Damage list of the event.
  5. Purchase Gems to get Valorous Medals of the same amount of Gems we purchased.


You can only have one Historic City of the same type.
Each Historic City Event lasts for two days, and you need to complete the accumulation of relevant items within two days.
At the end of the two-day event, you have one more day to view the rankings and redeem rewards.
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