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How to Gain Stamina Quickly in Evony: Tips and Tricks

In the world of , gaining is crucial to progress quickly. Players need the stamina to , , explore relics, and visit other players. Without it, growth is impossible. Therefore, finding ways to acquire more stamina is a priority for many players. In this article, we will explore the importance of stamina and provide tips on how to obtain it in order to facilitate rapid development.

Get Stamina in Evony
Get Stamina in Evony

Why is Stamina Important?

Stamina is an essential resource when it comes to completing various activities in the game. Attacking higher-level event bosses and monsters consumes more stamina than lower-level ones. Claiming on the map and visiting event NPCs also requires stamina, and the higher the reward or NPC level, the more stamina you lose. Despite these costs, it is crucial to engage in all of these activities to develop your city.

Methods to Gain Stamina

  • Purchase Packages: Players can buy festival event packages, packages, materials packages, city development packages, and monthly packages that offer stamina as a reward. In the Store, players can also buy 50 stamina with 200 gems.
  • : points can be redeemed for 10, 50, or 100 stamina in the daily sale. Note that players retain their alliance points when they quit an alliance but the alliance honor will reset to zero.
  • Auction House Event: Players can participate in auction house events to obtain stamina.
  • : This offers up to 30 x 100 stamina.
  • : Players receive 25 stamina three times every day from the tavern.
  • : There is a chance to refresh and get stamina in the black market.
Purchase Stamina in Black Market
Purchase Stamina in Black Market
  • Competition: Rewards may include some amount of stamina at certain stages.
  • Redeem Events: Some events, such as Tactics Researching, allow players to redeem stamina as a reward.
  • : The daily rewards of the gold monthly card include one 100 stamina.
  • Limited Offer: The free daily package contains five 10 bits of stamina, while the first tier of the monthly package has fifteen 100 stamina, the second tier twenty 100 stamina, the third tier thirty 100 stamina, and the fourth tier fifty 100 stamina.
  • Wheel of Fortune: Players have a chance to gain some amount of stamina as a reward for spinning the wheel of fortune found in the tavern.
  • : Completing all tasks on Day 3 in Unstoppable grants a large amount of free stamina plus additional amounts from progress bar packages collected along the way.
Get Stamina in Evony
Get Stamina in Evony
  • Shining Treasure/The Silk Road/Tea Culture/Precious Vegetation/Eagle of Freedom/Strong Drink/Fragrance: Special items obtained by completing tasks grant players an opportunity to exchange them for stamina rewards.
  • Consuming Return Event: During festival events, consuming gems and (food, lumber, stone, and ore) earns a large amount of stamina as a reward.
  • Legion Hunting: Finishing corresponding tasks provides players with some amount of stamina as a reward.
  • Garuda Trial: Defeating Junior Garuda & Senior Garuda enough times earns alliance members some amount of stamina as a reward.
  • //: Completing collection progress gives out some amount of stamina as a reward.
  • / Egg Rewards: There is some probability of obtaining stamina as a reward from these sources.
  • /Lucky Apple Blessing: Spending five wishing coins on gathering resources or killing monsters during an event grants one blessing apple, which provides a chance to obtain some amount of stamina as a reward.

In conclusion, Stamina is a crucial resource in Evony that players need in order to progress quickly and efficiently. Without it, they cannot engage in various activities such as attacking monsters, gathering resources, exploring relics, or visiting other players. Fortunately, there are several ways to acquire Stamina, ranging from purchasing packages to participating in events and completing tasks. By utilizing these methods, players can increase their Stamina and continue to develop their city and strengthen their army. As the game evolves, it is important to stay updated on new strategies and methods for obtaining Stamina, as it will remain a vital part of playing Evony.

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