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How to increase your March Size in Evony?

How to increase your in Evony?
With the development of your castle and troops in Evony, you will realize that even though you have a lot of troops, there is a limit to how many troops you can send out. In order to send out troops as much as possible, we have to increase our March Size. So, how to do this? There are a lot of methods to increase March Size in Evony. If you are interested in it, please keep reading.

No.1 Rally Spot

Rally Spot determines the number of troops you can send to battle. The higher the level of Rally Spot, the more troops you can send. When your Rally Spot reaches Lv40 (the max level), your basic March Size will reach 550,000.
When you appoint a , you will get the Duty Benefits of increasing. The Super Rally Spot can bring the following Duty Benefit: March Size Capacity +30% & March Size Capacity +70,000. Generals who are suitable to be the Rally Spot Officer include and .

No.2 Academy Research

some technologies in , and your March Size will also be increased.
Military Advance
March Size Increase
March Size Increase
March Size Increase
Adv Prestige
Adv Coordination
Adv Prestige
Super Coordination
Superme Coordination

No.3 Buff

  • Junior March Size Increase +50% for 1 hour
  • Medium March Size Increase +100% for 1 hour
  • Senior March Size Increase +200% for 1 hour
You can use Gems to buy these Buffs in the item interface in the Store. And you can also buy the Battlefield Super March Size Increase in the to increase 300% March Size for 5 minutes in Battlefield only.
There are other ways to get March Size, Increase Buff. For instance:
  • Participate in the Viking Challenge event to get Viking War Chest
  • Rank in the top 100 in to receive the Senior March Size Increase in the All-Star Glorious Silver Chest; Rank in the top 400 to receive the Medium March Size Increase in the
  • Join the Revelation of Maya Event to gain the Mayan War Chest, and you will get March Size Increase Buff from the chest.
  • Get the Buff from (Own Civilization Treasure and upgrade it to Lv3 to get Maria Egg from Lv15 or above Resource Spots)

No.4 Civilization Treasure

Own the Civilization Treasure and you will get the attribute of March Size Capacity increasing. The beneficial effect will be increased with the upgrading of the Imperial Seal.

No.5 General Special Skill & Specialty

As for Generals' Special Skills, there are some Epic Historic Generals (golden quality) who have Special Skills including March Size increase, such as King Arthur, Barbarossa, Matthias I, Li Shimin, Genghis Khan, George A. Custer, Alessandra, Zhang Liang, and Charles XII. And few Historic Generals (purple quality) also have March Size increasing Special Skills, such as Kim Si-min and Hamilcar Barca.
While as for Generals' Specialty, all Annihilation and Siege Specialties have the attribute of “March Size Capacity +6%”, when they reach the max level. Moreover, the last unique Specialty of some Generals also includes March Size increasing attribute.

Epic Historic Generals:

  • King Arthur – Special Skill: March Size +15%
  • Barbarossa – Special Skill: March Size +10%
  • Matthias I – Special Skill: March Size +5%
  • Li Shimin – Special Skill: March Size +10%
  • Genghis Khan – Special Skill: March Size +15%
  • George A. Custer – Special Skill: March Size +10%
  • Alessandra – Special Skill: March Size +8%
  • Zhang Liang – Special Skill: March Size +8% (when he is the Rally Spot Officer)
  • Charles XII – Original Special Skill: March Size +10%; 3-Star Special Skill: March Size Capacity +6%

  Historic Generals:

  • Kim Si-min: March Size +12%
  • Hamilcar Barca: March Size +12%

No.6 Skill Books

  • Lv1 March Size – Increases March Size by 3% when the General is leading the army.
  • Lv2 March Size – Increases March Size by 6% when the General is leading the army.
  • Lv3 March Size – Increases March Size by 9% when the General is leading the army.
  • Lv4 March Size – Increases March Size by 12% when the General is leading the army.
You can obtain Skill Books in many ways, such as Relic, Skill Books Shop in Academy, Wheel of Fortune in Tavern, packages, and Viking.

No.7 VIP

If your VIP reaches Lv4 and above, you will get the benefit of March Size Capacity. The higher the level of your VIP, the more beneficial effect you will get.

No.8 Dragon

The Sacred Dragon can bring the benefit of March Size. When your Nidhogg's 3rd Talent (Active Skill) Source of Power reaches a max level (Lv40), your March Size Capacity will be increased by 20%.
The Dragon will also help you increase your March Size. Its Skill Dragon Inspiration has an increasing effect on March Size Capacity. And the effect will be increased with the level upgrading of the Dragon.

No.9 Spiritual Beast

Spiritual Beasts in Pasture, which can offer March Size increasing effect, include Kong, , , and .

No.10 Equipment

  • – Own Full Set – March Size Capacity +30%
  • – Equip 4-piece Set – March Size Capacity +20%
  • – Equip 4-piece Set – March Size Capacity +20%
Other General Equipment:
There is some other general equipment that will supply benefits of increasing March Size, such as Ares – equip 6 Set – March Size Capacity +10%. You can check the details of each equipment to make sure what you need to equip.

To sum up, the most basic methods of increasing March Size are upgrading the level of Rally Spot and Research Academy, but the most popular and quick method to increase March Size is to use March Size Increase Buffs. Go ahead to do something for your March Size, and you will send more troops to be a strong .
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