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How to obtain all new things from Evony’s Carnival Week Event?

Evony released an 11-day Event, starting on August 18. During Carnival Week, they add a new general, castle skin, ideal land building, and many other important things. This article summarizes all the key new things and explains how to get them.

New General – Justinian I

Special Skill: Increases research speed by 10% and increases ground troops and mounted troops' defense and HP by 12% when he is the Military Academy Officer.
You can get General at the King's Party Event.
  1. Purchase basic Gems to increase the EXP of the party cake, and upgrade the cake.
  2. And you can claim the general token of Justinian I when your party cake reaches Lv10.

Evony Justinian I
Evony Justinian I

New Castle – Fontainebleau

The castle skin has really good attributes as follows.
Own to activate:
  • When defending the Main City, Enemy Troop HP -10%
Use to activate:
  • Marching Ground Troop Attack +18%
  • Ground Troop Defense +15%
  • Ground Troop HP +15%
And you can obtain this castle skin from the Event.
Evony Castle Decoration Fontainebleau
Evony Castle Decoration Fontainebleau
Join this event at the Event Center, and you need to invite or recruit teammates first.
After two days of forming a team, the event will officially begin.
At this time, you can buy packages to receive the Expedition Dice. And then, use Expedition Dice to redeem rare items including the new castle Fontainebleau in the .

Consul's Staff and Toga Scroll

There is a Prayer Celebration Event during Carnival Week. And you will have a chance to get the Prayer Celebration Optional Chest in the final round. Open the chest to select an item from 's Staff Scroll, Consul's Scroll, and Historic General (Nordic Barbarian King).
Drawing rewards need to consume Ema Coin. And the coin can be obtained from Lava Turtles, Warlords, Golems, Witches, and Prayer Celebration Packages.
[PS: There are also general David Farragut and many other rare items in the rewards list of the Prayer Celebration.]

New Ideal Land building – Rose Spring

Max Level Attributes:
  • March Size Capacity +5,000
  • Enemy Mounted Troop HP -10%
  • Ranged Troop Attack +6%
Evony Rose Spring
Evony Rose Spring
In addition, the Rose Spring will increase the Prosperity Point of your Ideal Land. And different levels have different buffs. You can check the details in the “Inventory”.
You can spin the Wheel of Past Secret on the Valuable Event list to get a chance of receiving the Rose Spring.
This event will offer a free spin chance each day, but if you want to continue spinning, you have to collect the Lion Statue. And the Lion Statue exists in Uruk Rare Package and Uruk Epic Package.
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