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How to use Evony’s New Duty General Zhang Liang

released a new during their 2022 Anniversary Celebration. Zhang Liang was a Chinese military strategist and politician who lived in the early Western Han dynasty. And he is known as one of the “Three Heroes of the early Han dynasty” in Chinese History. And in Evony, Zhang Liang is also a powerful General. In this article, we will introduce the story, Special Skill and Specialty of Zhang Liang first. And then discuss how to get Zhang Liang and how to use him correctly.
General Zhang Liang
General Zhang Liang

The Story of Zhang Liang

Starting in 206 BC, Liu Bang and Xiang Yu engaged in a four-year-long power struggle for supremacy over China. Zhang Liang proposed a strategy to Liu Bang to counter Xiang Yu, known as the “Xiayi Plan”. Liu Bang followed Zhang Liang's advice.
By late 203 BC, Zhang Liang saw that the tide had turned in favor of Liu Bang, as Xiang Yu had been surrounded on three sides. Together with Chen Ping, Zhang Liang suggested to Liu Bang to renounce the Treaty of Hong Canal and use the opportunity to eliminate Western Chu. Liu Bang followed Zhang Liang's advice and granted land to Han Xin and Peng Yue. As Zhang Liang predicted, Han Xin and Peng Yue arrived with their armies and formed a coordinated on Western Chu together with Liu Bang's force, defeating Xiang Yu at the Battle of Gaixia in 202 BC.
Zhang Liang contributed greatly to the establishment of the Han dynasty and became one of the most famous strategists in later generations.

The Special Skill of Zhang Liang

Sage of Strategy – Increases by 8% and attacking ground troops and ' attacks and by 15% when the General is the .
Zhang Liang is an awakened General, so the stars of his Special Skill will be added by General , and each star has a new skill. The details can be followed in the picture below.
The Special Skill of Zhang Liang 03
The Special Skill of Zhang Liang 03

The Specialty of Zhang Liang (Max Level Attributes)

The way to get & use Zhang Liang

Join the King's Party Event during Evony's 6th Anniversary Celebration, and you can gain the Epic Historic General Zhang Liang at level 10.
You can click “Duty” on Rally Spot and choose Zhang Liang to be your Rally Spot Officer. But before that, you need to increase Zhang Liang's Attributes by increasing his EXP, enhancing him, and cultivating him.
When Zhang Liang's Attributes reach “Attack: 500, Leadership: 450”, he can be the Junior Rally Spot Officer. The stronger Attributes he has, the higher level of Officer he will be, and the more Benefits will be supplied to March Size Capacity. And you can check details in the “Duty” interface and in the table below.
Duty Titles of Rally Spot
Duty Requirements
Duty Benefits
(March Size Capacity)
Junior Rally Spot Officer
Medium Rally Spot Officer
Senior Rally Spot Officer
Special Rally Spot Officer
Super Rally Spot Officer
[The requirements and benefits of Rally Spot Officer]
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