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Napoleon’s Journey: Unravel History and Claim Rewards

's Journey Event invites you to explore the legendary battles of Napoleon's military career, unlocking historical insights and claiming exciting rewards along the way.

Napoleon's Journey Event
Napoleon's Journey Event

A Journey Through Battles:

  1. Finding the Event: Head to “The Legend of Napoleon” and click the “+” button. There, contribute “” to earn the crucial “.”
  2. Earning Crowns: For every 100 “Napoleon Cannon” contributed, you receive 1 “Crown of Coronation.”
  3. Exchanging Crowns: Your earned crowns grant access to valuable treasures: the “Guillotine of the Revolution Square,” “Legion of Honor,” “Conquest Chest,” and the exclusive 3-day “Emperor's Crown” event decoration.
  4. Collecting Cannons: Accumulate up to 100 “Napoleon Cannon” daily by conquering monsters and gathering resources.
  5. Unveiling History: As all servers contribute “Napoleon Cannon,” a progress bar advances, unlocking historical stories at designated battle points.
  6. Exploring Battles: Click on each battle point to delve into the fascinating historical narrative surrounding that specific battle.

Chapter Progress and Required Cannons:

Chapter Required Cannons
A Star Rises 10,000,000
The Italian Campaign 20,000,000
The Egyptian Expedition 30,000,000
The Battle of Marengo 40,000,000
The Battle of Trafalgar 50,000,000
The Battle of Ulm 60,000,000
The Battle of Austerlitz 70,000,000

Discovering Napoleon's Treasure:

  1. Accessing the Treasure: Click “Redeem” within the “Napoleon's Journey” event interface. This leads you to the “Napoleon's Treasure” page. Click “Redeem” again to reach the item redemption page.
  2. Exchanging Treasures: Here, you can utilize “Napoleon ,” “Napoleon ,” and the “Crown of Coronation” to acquire exclusive items.

Acquiring Treasure Coins:

  • Crown of Coronation: Earned through contributing “Napoleon Cannon” in the “Napoleon's Journey” event.
  • Napoleon Gold Coin:
    • Package purchase.
    • Activity participation: 80 points reward 1 coin, 145 points reward 3 coins (capped at 44 coins).
  • Napoleon Silver Coin:
    • Gathered through resource collection (capped at 150).
    • Obtained by defeating monsters (capped at 850).

Important Notes:

  • Event coins vanish after the event concludes. Use them wisely!
  • A one-day display period follows the event. Redeem items during this time, as coin acquisition ceases.

Merit Points and :

  • The exclusive “Bonaparte Castle” skin, with upgradeable levels, awaits within “Napoleon's Treasure.”
  • Reaching level 2 and above unlocks additional attributes and powerful castle skills.
  • Accumulate “Merit Points” to acquire the castle. Points determine your ranking and corresponding rewards.
  • Rankings are based on groups of 20 servers.
  • Top 20 players receive the permanent “Bonaparte Castle – Palace” skin (level 1). Fragments upgrade this skin.
  • Top 1-3 players receive 40 “Bonaparte Castle – Palace Fragment” pieces, while places 4-10 receive 15 pieces.

Earning Merit Points:

  • Complete designated quests to earn varying amounts of “Merit Points.”

Redemption List


  • Dragon Pattern:
    • Unlocks Fasolt in Pasture (if not already unlocked).
    • Provides Dragon Source Fragments and Treasure Boxes if Fasolt is unlocked.
  • Historic Generals:
  • Blood Crystal:
    • Redemption chance: 20%
    • Cost: 25 Golden Coins each
  • Merit Jade:
    • Redemption chance: 5%
    • Cost: 5 Golden Coins each
  • Glory Golden Twig:
    • Redemption chance: 5%
    • Cost: 6 Golden Coins each
  • Blood of Ares:
    • Redemption chance: 50%
    • Cost: 5 Golden Coins each
  • Resource Chests:
    • Junior Blazon Chest
    • Art Treasure Scroll Chest
    • Super Resource Chest
  • Upgrade Materials:
    • Refining Stone
    • Runestone Chest
    • Dragon Crystal
    • Dragon Source Fragment
    • Material Bag (Silk Road)
    • Treasure Box
  • Consumables:
    • Tactic Scroll
    • Research Stone
    • Source of Life
    • Soul Crystal
    • 6 Minute Speed Up
  • Fun Items:
    • Ramune
    • Water Balloon
    • Shave Ice
    • Goldfish
    • Candy Apple
    • Taiyaki
    • Lucky Cat
  • Weapons:
    • Smoothbore Cannon
    • Smoothbore Flintlock
  • War Drum:
    • Summons a boss near Main City: Anti-French Coalitions
    • Redemption chance: 5%
    • Cost: 100 Silver Coins each
  • Event Items:
    • Guillotine of the Revolution Square
    • Legion of Honour (win prizes in the Imperial Lion event)
    • Conquest Chest (contains Merit Jade, Glory Golden Twig, and Blood of Ares)
    • Decoration – Emperor's Crown (3 Day)


  • Redemption chances are listed for items with variable availability.
  • Cost is listed in Golden Coins unless otherwise noted.
  • Some items have specific uses, as described.
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