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Summoning Simeon the Great: Exploring the Ways to Obtain Evony’s Mighty General

, also known as Simeon I, was an emperor of the first Bulgarian who ruled during a period of cultural and enlightenment, known as the Golden Age of Bulgarian culture. This article will introduce Simeon's story, special skill, and , as well as provide information on how to obtain him in the game .

Simeon's Story

Evony Epic Historic General – Simeon the Great
Evony – Simeon the Great

Simeon became the Bulgarian emperor in 893 with a clear goal of obtaining the crown of the Roman emperor. In 917, he led an invasion of the Byzantine Empire with 60,000 troops and achieved victory in the . Although he was unable to break through the walls of Constantinople, Simeon and his army managed to shred the dignity of the Byzantine Empire by sweeping through their territory. Over the following five years, Simeon launched four more invasions of Constantinople, ultimately declaring himself Emperor of the Romans and Bulgarians in 925.

Simeon's Special Skill

The Special Skill of Simeon the Great
The Special Skill of Simeon the Great

Simeon's special skill in Evony is Empire Offensive, which increases ranged troops and siege machines' by 20% when he leads an army to attack. The skill also increases ranged troops' attack by an additional 15% when Simeon brings any . As an awakened general, Simeon's special skill can be upgraded through General , with each star adding a new skill.

Simeon's Specialty (Max Level Attributes)

Simeon's specialty in Evony is comprised of four attributes at maximum level:

  • Formation: increases ranged troop attack and by 10% each
  • Siege: increases marching size capacity by 6% and attacking and ranged troop attack by 10%
  • : increases all troop attack by 6%
  • Battle of Achelous: increases marching ranged troop attack and defense by 35% each

How to Obtain Simeon the Great Simeon

the Great cannot be recruited in the but can be obtained through various means:

  • Purchase Packages: by purchasing the final tier of event packages, players have a chance to obtain an Epic Historic General order that has a probability of containing Simeon the Great.
  • : participating in the Limited Recruit event and waiting for the Ranged Troops round will provide players with Simeon the Great's .
  • King's Scheme: redeeming the third item in the King's Scheme event, Epic Historic General (Super), will give players a chance to obtain Simeon the Great.
  • Wheel of Fortune: spinning the Wheel of Fortune in the Tavern using chips can potentially award players with the Epic Historic General order that summons Simeon the Great.
  • : reaching VIP level V11 and above grants players access to the Premium , which includes the Epic Historic General (Premium) that can potentially summon Simeon the Great. VIP levels 14, 15, and 16 also provide 30 Historic General Fragments (Simeon the Great) in the Premium Package.
  • Other Events: additional events, such as the Auction House event, may offer players the opportunity to obtain Simeon the Great in the future.
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