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The Best Mounted Troops’ General in Evony: Zhao Yun

is an who is very popular with players in . By far, Zhao Yun is the strongest Cavalry () General in Evony, when the General's Special Skill ascends to full star (i.e. after the general is awakened) and the general's reaches max level. In order to let players know more about Zhao Yun and obtain him, this article will first tell the legendary story of Zhao Yun, then introduce Zhao Yun's Special Skill and Specialty, and finally, list the methods of obtaining Zhao Yun as far as possible.
[Evony Epic Historic General Zhao Yun]

The Story of Zhao Yun

In 208, the Shu forces were unable to resist the Wei forces. Cao Cao personally led a 5,000-strong elite cavalry force to pursue Liu Bei. While Liu Bei abandoned his family and fled, Zhao Yun led the rearguard and protected Liu Bei's family.
In 219, Zhao Yun led tens of horsemen out of the camp to spy on information, he then encountered Wei's vanguard force and engaged them in battle until Wei's main force showed up and surrounded him. Left with no choice, Zhao Yun had to fight his way out and head back to camp. Upon seeing the enemy's approach, Zhao Yun ordered the gates to be opened and the war drums to be silenced so as to create an illusion of an empty camp. Wei's forces thought that there was an ambush so they withdrew. Just as they were retreating, Zhao Yun launched a counterattack. Wei's soldiers were shocked and thrown into disarray.
Zhao Yun is lauded as a member of the Five Tiger Generals, who possesses powerful combat skills, unwavering loyalty, tremendous courage, and keen intelligence.

The Special Skill of Zhao Yun

Increases ground troops and mounted troops' attacks by 30% and increases mounted troops' by 30% when the General is leading the army to .
As an Awakened General, the star of Zhao Yun's Special Skill will be increased with his . Each star of Special Skill has its own attribute, and the details will be shown in the following picture.
The Special Skill of Zhao Yun
The Special Skill of Zhao Yun

The Specialty (Max Level Attributes) of Zhao Yun

  • Mounted Troop Formation – Mounted Troop Attack & +10%
  • Annihilation – +6%, Attacking Mounted Troop and Ground Troop Attack +10%
  • Mounted Troop Ares – Mounted Troop Attack, HP & Defense +10%
  • Battle of Han River – Mounted Troop Attack +45%
[The Specialties of Zhao Yun]

The way to get this General

Zhao Yun was released at the Chinese Valentine's Day events in Evony on July 28th, and players can get him in the 5th tier of the Chinese Valentine's Day at that time. And now you can get Zhao Yun in the following ways:
  •   Evony has regular Limited Recruit events. There are 5 Historic Generals in each round of Limited Recruit, and the Historic Generals will refresh every round. You will have a chance to gain the Historic General of Zhao Yun when they open the round of Mounted Troops Generals. You can check out the rules in more detail during the event.
  • Trial of Knights
      Sometimes, Evony will also release the Trial of Knights event. During the event time, players get scores by consuming (i.e. Ascending Generals), and use scores to redeem specific rare items. By purchasing the Knight's Fight Sale package, you will have a chance to receive the Historic General (Zhao Yun).
[Get Zhao Yun from Trial of Knights]
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