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The Story of Top Games Inc. and its Founder David Guo

is the co-founder and CEO of , a company that creates outstanding games using software, information, and technology to enhance social interactions. Under his leadership, the company has produced many excellent games.

Emphasis on producing high-quality games

David Guo attributes Top Games' success to several factors. The company prides itself on quickly and responsibly producing high-quality games while relying heavily on data science. This data-driven approach has played a significant role in the company's success as it enables a better understanding of the target audience, and data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers than those that don't use data science.

Combining traditional and online advertising

Top Games Inc. excels in product marketing, combining traditional media, television, and online advertising to attract new players. Positive word-of-mouth advertising and organic marketing also contribute to the company's success, with 85% of players being happy customers who share their favorite games with others. David has announced new television marketing campaigns to showcase the diverse cultural backgrounds of Top Games' many players.

Providing a discovery camp for new employees

David Guo provides a discovery camp for new employees

David also attributes Top Games' outstanding achievements to his employees. The company provides a discovery camp for new employees to explore and unleash their creativity. David Guo believes that employees have innovative ideas that could lead to significant improvements in existing products or services. Through the exploration of these new ideas, employees can take ownership and put their ideas into practice, driving the company's development and reducing employee turnover.

Top Games Inc. spends a lot of time hiring only the best people, inspiring them to unleash their creative instincts and promote critical thinking through exploration camps. The company encourages employees to stretch themselves and take on huge challenges to achieve excellence through the use of OKRs.

Since its inception, Top Games Inc. has achieved amazing success. “: The King's Return” has been downloaded over 70 million times and is one of the top three best-selling apps. “King's Legion” has been downloaded over 3 million times, while “Plague of Z” has been downloaded over 1.6 million times in less than two years. With three new games expected to perform just as well, David will continue to rely on his proven formula for success to drive the company forward.

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