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The Talent Hunter: Using King Matthias I’s Special Skills in Evony Battles

Are you ready to add an embodiment of justice to your army? Meet Justicial , the Hungarian and Croatian who established the formidable Black Army of Hungary. In his pursuit of fairness, Matthias reduced the power of the aristocracy and promoted ability-based professions. After his death, he was revered as a hero of justice by his people. But enough about his historical accomplishments – let's dive into what makes Matthias I an excellent addition to your Evony army.

Epic Historic General – Matthias I
– Matthias I

General Matthias I Special Skill

As an Awakened General, Matthias I's Special Skill is Leader of Mercenaries, which increases ranged troops and siege machines' by 20% and by 5% when he leads the army to attack. Plus, when you ascend him, the star of his Special Skill increases, making him even more valuable to your army.

The Special Skill of Matthias I
The Special Skill of Matthias I

General Matthias I Specialty (Max Level Attributes)

Skill Name Effect
Assault Siege Machine Attack +10%, Siege Machine +10%
and Siege Machine Attack +10%
Siege Machine Ares Siege Machine Attack, HP, and +10%
King of the Black Army Ranged Troop Attack +20%, Siege Machine Attack +20%


The way to get General Matthias

But how can you get your hands on this formidable leader? It's simple – use Gold to recruit him in Traven, and upgrade Traven's level to increase the chance of refreshing Epic Historic Generals. Don't let justice slip away – add Matthias I to your Evony army today!

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