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To Get New General Pericles and New Gear Glory Medal at Evony’s Carnival Week

Evony released the events on March 17th. During Carnival Week, players can get new Pericles, General , and new Monarch Gear – . Besides, Evony raised the level cap of , and the new level will provide higher benefits to players. This article will explain how to get the above things through Carnival Week events.

To get new General Pericles

Participate in the King's Party Event, and increase your Party Cake to Lv10 by purchasing basic Gems to raise the EXP of the cake.
At this event, you can also get other rare items such as Civilization Scroll Chests of Conquest (at Party Cake Lv4) and Supremacy (at Party Cake Lv10), and the Staff Scroll of Workshop Officer at Party Cake Lv8.
Pericles is a Duty General and his original Special Skill is : Increases hospital capacity by 25% and troops' HP by 10% when the General is the .

To get General John Churchill

You will have a chance to receive the new Epic Historic General John Churchill by purchasing the 5th-tier and opening the Epic Historic General Token in the event package.
In addition, you can also get General John Churchill at the Event. Consume Epic Historic General (Glory) to summon an Epic Historic General, and John Churchill is guaranteed to appear within each 6 summons. The Epic Historic General (Glory) can be received from the 5th-tier event package.

To get new Monarch Gear – Glory Medal

Evony put the Glory Medal Gear also in this event package. You can get a Glory Medal in each tier of the package, and an Lv7 Glory Medal Premium Gear Chest in the final tier of the package.
The Glory Medal Gear will increase the of your attacking troops. And the details are as follows:
  • Lv15 Mountain Glory Medal: Marching Ground Troop Defense +200%
  • Lv15 Wind Glory Medal: Marching Defense +200%
  • Lv15 Thunder Glory Medal: Marching Mounted Troop Defense +200%
  • Lv15 Fire Glory Medal: Marching Defense +200%
  • Lv15 Sun Glory Medal: Marching Mounted Troop and Ground Troop Defense +153%
  • Lv15 Moon Glory Medal: Marching Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Defense +153%
  • Lv15 Ares Glory Medal: Marching Troops Defense +122%

To upgrade Civilization Treasures

The level cap of Civilization Treasures will be increased to Lv8. This is great news for players who have accumulated Treasure Fragments, but a blow to players who have broken them down.
To upgrade your Civilization Treasures, you have to get more Treasure Fragments from . And Civilization Treasures can be upgraded and equipped in Wonder.

Other Interesting Events:

Barbarians Invasion: To win the 14-Day Rain Forest Castle Decoration by earning a personal score and ranking in the top 5.
: Get Knight Coins from monsters, Resources Spots, Journey to Glory Sale package, and Knight's Triumph Sale package. And use the coin to spin Blood of Ares and other wonderful rewards. Moreover, purchasing the Knight's Triumph Sale package will have a chance to obtain Generals , , Charles XII, , , , Menshikov, and Elise.
: Earn scores by feeding Dragons to redeem Excellent Dragon Coins and more rare items.
Consuming Return Event: Consume Gems, Food, Lumber, Stone, and Ore to claim generous rewards.
: Acquire Subordinate City Clues from monsters, Resources Spots, and packages. And put them in the pool to get a chance of receiving the Subordinate City Key, which can open an Epic Subordinate City or a Legendary Subordinate City.
Auction House: can be bidded during this event time.
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